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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New film review series: The War of Independents

This has been a pretty good year for Irish film. Quite a few have made it to the cinemas and this is the first year in some time, where there have been deservedly critically acclaimed (Grabbers, What Richard Did, Silence). It is good to see and with luck and good management of funds by the Irish Film Board, let us hope this will continue on a more consistent basis. We need to see more Irish films in the cinemas (particularly in multiplexes) to hopefully get people seeing them on a regular basis. That is the dream. But at the lower end of the scale where the funding does not reach, what kinds of films are being made?

What of the films that have either been rejected by the IFB for funding or were just made with no help whatsoever? Is there an audience for these films? The big question to consider would be: is there an interest in seeing these films and following that is there a platform for viewing? With the rise of VOD services in Ireland such as Netflix and Volta, is there now an opportunity for some of these low budget films to be seen commercially? This brings forth yet another question, namely if you want to read up on such films to help inform you as to whether they are actually worth seeing or not, where do you go?

Well in the spirit of this article I am going to offer just that service. If you want to send me a copy of an independent film you have made for review, please do. For my part I will be fair but honest with my reviews. This may well end up being more about discovering emerging talent than necessarily discovering great films straight away. Please note that due to time constraints I cannot review short films at the moment so please send features only. Also as it is clear by the title of my blog, this is just for Irish independent films. You can contact me on twitter @jaycoyle or leave a message on my blog below this article.

First up for review is a film by Jason Figgis called The Railway Children. I will be watching it this week and reviewing. I have attached the trailer below. 

RAILWAY CHILDREN - Official Trailer from Jason Figgis on Vimeo.

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