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The glass may be half empty but it will contain good whiskey. I write film reviews for http://www.scannain.com/ , say hi and we can debate films forever and ever and ever...... Warning this blog may contain more than just film talk.

About this Blog - Mission Statement

My one and only aim for my blog is to begin a discussion on Irish film which has been under represented online for a long time. I would like to eventually have a fully searchable site by director/actor/year/decade so people will have a one stop shop for people to find out information on Irish film. National cinema is important, and anything that can be added to it is worth doing.

I believe we are on the verge of a new dawn in Irish film and I am hoping to be a part of that. I have no interest in grading or marking films out if 5 or giving them stars. I think reading about the films and talking about them be they good or bad is far more important than 3 out of 5.