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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

5 of the funniest scenes in Irish film

1. The Commitments

The English director Alan Parker caught the spirit of Roddy Doyle's novel perfectly. It has the hope and sarcasm that you would expect in an Irish comedy with a slightly darker self destructive element thrown in. It also has one of the best tag lines on a film poster ever: 'They had nothing to lose. But they were willing to risk it all'. This scene perfectly sums up the knowing humour of the film.

2. Intermission

This John Crowley directed film stars Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy in a comedy crime film set in Dublin. There is a great supporting cast including Colm Meaney and Michael McElhatton. Like all good comedies with a darker side the key to the laughs is making the the scene nervy, serious and funny at the same time. This scene is an absolute textbook example of this.

3. In Bruges

Martin Mc Donagh's profane, funny and moving film is probably the film that Colin Farrell will be best remembered for. An actor who can seem a little listless in some films, Farrell shows how charismatic he can be with the right director and material. He is funny and tragic - a tricky combination to get right. He is at his funniest in this terrific scene where he brings honesty to a new level.

4. The Van

Another Roddy Doyle favourite, funnier and underrated than the overly sentimental The Snapper. The Van takes place during Ireland's participation in the 1990 World Cup as two friends decide to run a fish and chip shop from a van. The scene in which Ireland's match with Romania goes to penalties is both funny to watch and a nostalgic reminder of a time when we competed at the top level of football.

5. Father Ted

OK, so this isn't a film but considering it is one of the best sitcoms ever to come out of Ireland it has to be included. There are so may clips that could be used to illustrate this but perhaps to keep within the framework of the article a clip from the feature length Christmas special is appropriate. Pure genius.

Any other favourites to add? Please let me know below.


  1. The scene where Christy's minder goes through the alphabet with him never fails to crack me up. It's probably not meant as a comical moment but to me if there was ever a moment that summed up Irish attitudes, it was that one.

  2. Great review Jason..and really funny. Indicating new films I should have to see.. Thanks.