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Monday, 15 August 2011

8 of the best web resources for Irish filmmakers

There are a number of websites that for Irish filmmakers are considered to be vital. Below is a list of some of the best in my opinion. This idea is hopefully the beginning of an eventual 'important links' area on this blog that anyone visiting can use. Please feel free to suggest any other sites that you believe should be added.

1. Filmbase - This site is a one stop shop for any budding screenplay writer or filmmaker. They have extensive lists of training courses, offer film equipment hire, and run short screenplay competitions twice a year (in which this writer has entered for the first time this year). Membership is a must if you are serious about wanting to get into this industry.

2. Irish Film Academy - If you are an aspiring actor/actress this site is an important one. They run plenty of acting courses but also have a Trained Actors area, which allows actors and casting directors to facilitate online casting.

3. Irish Film Board - This is still the first port of call for all filmmakers who are seeking funding for their projects. It also hosts Irish short films for viewing on its site. This is an absolutely essential site.

4. IFI - The Irish Film Institute is not only the premier art house cinema in Ireland it also has an extensive film archive and film library. This cinema has become even more important with the regrettable closure of The Lighthouse Cinema recently.

5. IFTN -The Irish Film and Television Network site has Irish film news, a careers page and lists of Irish films previously made and in production at the moment.

6. RTE - The national broadcaster holds some interesting competitions for aspiring filmmakers such as Storyland. It is also involved in the short screenplay competition that Filmbase runs twice a year.

7. TCD Irish Film Research - This magnificent site is one which I only became aware of quite recently. It is simply an amazing fully searchable Irish film and TV archive which covers practically everything. You can also view some short Irish films made some 100 years ago. This is an important and impressive website.

8. Volta - This independent video on demand service named after the first cinema opened in Ireland by James Joyce in 1909 is very interesting. There are independent films to buy or rent which you can stream or download and there is an ever growing list of Irish films to see.

Are there any sites I have forgotten?

Let me know below.

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